Sunday, November 28, 2010

Krazy Thornburg Girl's Strike Again

Sierra Vista small town fun is quite different then the fun us girls have up in the big cities we now live in. Coming back home to Sierra Vista gives us girls small town fever, to do the crazy things we used to do down here for kicks. We decided to toilet paper our good friends the Mitchell's. However not the traditional toilet papering. We are too old for that according to my sister Merri=) We grabbed a roll of toilet paper, and wrote a note, and all piled into my sister mini van.
Let me try and paint you a picture...
Tiffany's van is full with 3 car seats, so Tiffany was our get-a-way driver, I hopped in the front seat, and Merri jumped on my lap. Natalie was sitting behind us in one of the kids car seats=). So off we drove to the Mitchell's house. We pulled up to there house without pulling into there driveway, because we noticed someone out front there house in the dark with a dog. So instead of speeding off, Tiffany stays parked in front of the house with the lights on. After at least 30 seconds, she shuts off the head lights, and says "do you think anyone saw us?" LOL. We were all laughing so hard. Then she takes off and we go around the block. We come back to there house and pull into the half circle drive way. Merri hops out and runs up to their door with the note and the toilet paper, sits it down as someone inside turns on the light and opens the door with Merri right there. She turned and ran back to the van with me screaming "Merri hurry run faster" So much for us being sneaky. We must be the worst group of slap-happy toilet paperers out there.
Tiffany, Katie, Natalie, Merri, and our note...
Our note...

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  1. GOOD Job with all the details! I can't believe we just froze there thanks to Tiff - I mean come on! Way to make them think there are criminals stalking them! Man we were dying laughing, I think we all almost peed our panties :o)
    What was the other HILARIOUS thing that happened when Merri was running back to the van? I can't remember, did she say something or did we? The saddest part was that it was like 10:30 at night! It wasn't even late yet. WOWzers! Funnest night ever! Sisters rock!!