Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kountry Pride: Celebrating Veterans Day W/ My favorite Vet.

Today has been a wonderful day! Kade and I are down visiting my parents for the week in Sierra Vista. Lucky for us we get to celebrate this Veterans Day with my dad, who is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army (which he served in for over 20 years).
Pop & Kade carrying our flag pole so we can fly it high to show our pride in this wonderful Kountry!

Kade was holding the flag up for Pop so it would not touch the ground as he put it in the ground. What a BIG helper!

Pop raising our flag in honor of all our Vets. and Active Duty Soldiers.

Great work you two! Our flag is a wonderful reminder of all those who have served, and are curently serving in our military, to ensure our freedom. After setting up our flag, we jumped in the car and headed up to Tucson for a fun day in wonderful weather. We ate lunch at In-N-Out and then headed to Tucson's Reid Park Zoo.

Kade and I visiting the elephants.

Kade and Pop at the Giraffe Encounter. It was so cute... Kade called them Gur-affs.

Kade next to the Aldabra Tortoise. Can you spot him in the background?

What a lazy Tortoise:)

There was a small toddler play zone with this adorable empty tortoise shell. I thought it would be super cute to get a picture of Kade inside with his head poking out, however he did not really cooperate so well.

Kade sitting between two large rocks in front of the Anteater. He called it his protector because a week ago he was attacked by ants all over his poor little legs. So anything the gets rid of "evil" ants Kade becomes a huge fan of. Kade and I in front of the Jaguar. She was absolutely beautiful... She even had black spots. I never knew Jags had spots!!!

It was a wonderful day! We made it through the entire zoo to all of the exhibits. That is a huge feat with a three year old.

Thanks Dad for spending your Veterans Day with Kade and I! We love you to the moon and back!

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  1. What a special day to spend with your dad...impressed Kade did so well at the zoo! Good job, buddy!