Sunday, November 7, 2010

Konstruction: Building Our Gilbert, Arizona Temple

Today after church Merri, Richard, Me, and our three kids went to the grounds where they are going to build our Gilbert, Arizona Temple. We all took pictures right where the temple will be completed in about 2 years. How neat that we will have pictures from beginning to end!!!
Kade's favorite song at the moment is I Love To See The Temple. I actually got him on video singing it!!! What a sweet little guy.

Below is the dirt lot where our temple will be Konstructed. The ground breaking is next week on Saturday Nov. 13,2010.


And the finished product in 2 years will look like this...


Kade and I

Kade, Katie, Rylee, Merri, Ryan, and Richard

Kade... We are right there with you. We all love to see the Temple.

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  1. Oh that song makes me smile...what a sweet boy! Can't wait to see you and Kade in the temple someday! :)