Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kousins Kreating Thanksgiving Memories

For the first time in as long as I can remember, my entire family is all together! Tiffany, Roger, and Family came down to my parents house in Sierra Vista last night, as did Natalie and her husband Justin. Merri, Richard, their children, and I all arrived this afternoon. Due to all of us having conflicting schedules we are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow (on Friday).
Although it has been chaotic today at my parents with 6 kids, and 9 adults I would not change this time we all have together for the world.
Aunt Natalie made Turkeys out of potatoes, marshmallows, candy corn, fruit loops, and toothpicks, with all of the kids. They turned out so stinkin cute, and Natalie is so good with the kids!
Kade, Natalie, Ryan, Michael
Kade and Aunt Nat.
Look how hard he is concentrating on making the perfect turkey!

The finished products.... Great work you guys!
Briggs, Kade, Ryan, Michael, Natalie, and Rylee

Natalie and Kade with his finished Turkey. Great work little man!!!
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble
After making turkeys, the kids all took baths and got into their cute new pajamas from Pop. We Arizonans are wimps when it comes to cold, so we all enjoyed sitting by the fire too.
Kade, cousin Maggie, and Aunt Natalie sittin by the fire.
Kute Kade toasty warm in his sweet new P.J.'s from Pop and Gunga (Grandma)
Michael, Kade, and Maggie
Rylee, Grandma, Kade, and Maggie
Grandma, Kade, and Maggie
Maggie is so adorable
Rylee, Grandma, and Maggie. How cute! My Dad got them all matching pajamas.

Kousins: Briggs (2 1/2), Ryan (4), Grandma, Maggie (1 1/2), Kade (3 1/2), Michael (6), Rylee (2 1/2).

Today was wonderful, I can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. Love that concentrating face and those pajamas...oh my gosh adorable!