Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kan't Top This Day!!!


Today was a fairytale...
This beautiful Thursday truly was a Fairytale! Kade and I spent the morning over at my good friend Tawna's. Kade got to play with his friend Cheyenne (who is only 6 weeks older) and Kingston. When Tawna brought us back over to my sister Merri's house we realized that Kade had forgotten his shoes back at her place (Just like in Cinderella LOL). Tawna had to get to class so she said she would drop them by when she was done. I was really excited because then she was going to get to meet some of my very favorite people.
Tawna arrived and got to meet Dara, Azlyn, and Liam all for the very first time (and return Kade's shoes;) ). Dara was sweet enough to make a trip from Tucson up to Gilbert with her kiddos to spend the day with me. I love getting to share them with my closest friends who have been supportive to me throughout all of my ups and downs. It is rare to have such supportive and non-judgemental friends going through something as controversial as adoption TWICE!

You were the Prince... Liam Truly is a little Prince!

Today was a Fairytale. Time slows down whenever you're around... It's kinda hard to explain. Whenever they are around the time flies by so quickly, however everything else in the world seems to stand still. They bring such peace whenever they are here, and nothing else in the world can touch me.

Can you feel this magic in the air... Dara and I share a mutual love for these beautiful children. (Kade 3 1/2, Liam 4 weeks, Azlyn 22 months)

Today was a fairytale You've got a smile that takes me to another planet... Azlyn's beautiful smile brightens everyones day that comes into contact with her.
Azlyn loves being a big sister to baby Liam.
Kade and Azlyn play so well together. Kade loves being a big brother too.
Today was a Fairytale All that I can say is now it's getting so much clearer.
Look at them playing connect four together. This day truly KAN'T be topped.
Kade is such a proud BIG brother to little Liam. He loves feeding him, rubbing his head, and giving him love.
Nothing made sense until the time I saw your face. Today was a Fairytale. You never know the true meaning of love until you meet your beautiful babie(s). Seeing their face and looking into their eyes changes you forever. Everyday I spend with my beautiful son Kade I grow to love him more, and every visit I share with Azlyn and Liam and there parent's I am reminded of why I made the difficult yet right choice to place them with a loving eternal family. I love my three beautiful Angels.
Time slows down whenever you're around... In 4 weeks Liam has changed so much. He is so much more alert! I guess you notice more change when you are not with someone everyday.
Azlyn climbed up on Ryan's top bunk and had a blast playing with his fan.
I can feel my heart it's beating in my chest... I am in heaven holding this little angel, my heart is filled with joy knowing that I will forever be a part of his and Azlyn's life.
Liam is so relaxed. He must know he is safe and loved!
Two beautiful boys. They resemble each other so much.
My how time flies. It was already past 6 p.m. Time for Dara and the kids to head back to Tucson after a most amazing visit, and time for me to go to my Birth Mother group. Thanks Dara for making today so wonderful. I love you.
After our Birth Mother group we all went to Filiberto's for fun and food. I love you girls, and was so glad to get to meet our two new girls.
left to right: Chelsey, Katie, Trisha, Kaitlin, and Breauna.

Today was a Fairytale!


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post, Katie! You look so beautiful and these 3 kids...cutest on the planet I'd say! :)

  2. You've got such a talent for expressing yourself, Katie!! Hands down, you're one of the strongest girls I know. I LOVED the pics of your crew. I'm excited for you to move down here.