Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kuddles & Kisses Goodbye

Wednesday evening Natalie, Justin, Kade, and I headed from Gilbert to Tucson where they dropped me off to spend the night with Dara and the kiddos (then Nat & J headed down to my parents in S.V.) before they start their trek back home to Utah. I am so grateful for Dara and my close relationship, it allows for many great visits. What a great finale to their long stay here in Arizona. We kicked off our final visit with a slumber party. We played hand and foot until 2 a.m. and then I got to crash with Liam for the night.

Natalie, Liam, and I

Nat, Justin, and Kade stayed to visit and say farewell to Dara, Azlyn, and Liam. The kids enjoyed playing with balloons and Azlyn's new Mickey Mouse Pop-Up Book.

Kade and I with baby Liam
Azlyn, Kade, Me, and Liam
Dara, Azlyn, Kade, Me, and Liam

Goodnight baby Liam. I don't think I am going to sleep a wink tonight with you sleeping on my chest you sweet little angel. I will enjoy watching you all night long. You and your family are among the many wonderful things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. You and Azlyn are such wonderful blessings to more people than you will ever know.

Azlyn eating breakfast Thanksgiving morning, while we all search the ads for Black Friday
Adorable chubby little Liam. I had to showcase his cute little chub before dressing him in the outfit Dara had laid out for him.
How silly and cute is this little guy

I love it. Dara calls her "naughty" lol which is so funny. This cute little princess thought she should take Liams binki and then sit in his swing. She then proceeded to cover her eyes (I guess she thought we could not see her then), I think she still wants to be the baby;)
Where did Azlyn go
Me and Liam
This is the same outfit Azlyn wore last year on Thanksgiving. What a cute tradition.
Azlyn's Grandma Butler is sooooo talented... She made this adorable outfit for Azlyn.

Azlyn, Me, Liam, and Dara Thanksgiving morning.

Merri, Richard, Ryan, and Rylee left the valley this morning (Thanksgiving), to head to S.V. to my parents for our Thanksgiving. They stopped in Tucson to say farewell and also to pick me up.
Merri and Liam
Liam, Rylee, and Me
Me and Liam
Me, Liam, and Judy (Dara's Mother, and the kids Grandma)
Dara, Liam, and Azlyn
As we were loading everyone up in the car to leave, Grandpa Butler (Kim) showed off his police car to the kids. He flashed his lights, siren, and spoke on the intercom. (Pause the music at the bottom to hear the cute video above)

Dara and I
Azlyn hopped in the car and was perfectly okay if we wanted to take her with us. She even said bye to her mom.
What a wonderful way to part ways until May when they return for Liam's sealing and blessing. (I am so excited, I am starting my Temple prep. classes this week so by the time they return, I should get to see Azlyn and Liam with their parents getting sealed for time and all eternity.) That is going to be one amazing day.
Merri and Richard surprised me when we got in the car, and popped in a DVD they had made me of Liam to watch on the way down to Sierra Vista to make this transition easier and less emotional. The video was beautiful and much appreciated. Thanks Merri and Rich, you are so sweet and thoughtful. I will let you know I did not shed a single tear. Thanks everyone.

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  1. I can just feel the love!! What an amazing family that you have created. Congrats on the temple prep classes...I'm so so excited for you. Keep it up, and if you ever have time for a playdate, let me know. Me and Dallin are game!