Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kiddie Petting Zoo Party

Merri took the kids to a friend's birthday party. Wish I could have been there because it looks like it was a blast.
Ryan and Kade are best friends. They do everything together!
If Merri had not taken a picture of Kade on a Pony I would not have believed it. This little guy is afraid of MOST things. I am so proud of him for giving the pony a chance, because he had a blast.
Ryan and Kade petting the goat
Kade petting a bunny
...and a goose
The cute piggy pinata
Kade taking his turn assalting the pinata
The mad dash for candy


  1. WOW! Merri got some awesome pictures! And yeah that is a surprise that Kade was SO BRAVE. Who'da thunk it? How fun though, he is just too stinkin PRECIOUS! I want to eat him up!