Sunday, November 28, 2010

Krowded: Thanksgiving Time W/ The Entire Family

We were packed into my parents house like sardines packed in a can. LOL. I would not have changed a single thing about our time together. The entire family was together again, and this never happens. What a wonderful thing I am so very thankful for at this time of year.
Here is cute little Maggie running around
Jimmy stopped by to wish me and my family a happy Thanksgiving. We have been the best of friends since Junior High.
Me, Jimmy, and Kade
Jimmy and my Mom. He is the son she never got to have.
There is this little pond with a waterfall in my parents backyard, and the kids have an impossible time not throwing everything that is not bolted down into it (rocks, toys, quail statues, etc...). So here is Uncle Roger fishing everything out before Pop finds his pond full of foreign objects=).
Yummy Turkey
Briggs trying to be helpful.
Grandma and Kade watching our Thanksgiving dinner cook
Kade and I celebrating Thanksgiving a day late, so our entire family could be together and also help cook together.
Maggie fell asleep at the table while eating. How cute are the little faces she makes, even while sleeping.
Kade was running and tripped, catching his face on the wooden edge of my parents glider/rocker. He had a nice shiner for our family pictures.
Check out that nice black eye

Natalie, Justin, and I took all the kids for a little offroading truck ride. Gotta love small town fun. Justin drove while Nat and I sat in the back with the kids.
Michael, Kade, Me, Maggie, Natalie, Briggs, and Ryan.
Poor Maggie with a runny nose poking her head out the rear window.
Ryan, Kade, and Michael on the fun little dirt road.
I love Kade's new picture pose.
We handed Michael the camera and these are the best two pictures we got. Thanks for your help little buddy.

We stopped along the way and fed some horses. Man are we cool fun aunts, uncles, and Moms.
Kade being brave by the horses.
Then we got home and Kade helped Grandma Thornburg vaccum.
Then Saturday morning Bro. Chipman came over and took family pictures for us. Here are some we shot right before ourselves.
Kade, and I
Natalie, and I
Katie, Merri
Katie, Tiffany
After family pictures, Pop took all of the grandkids out to McDonald' to eat and play. What an awesome Pop!!!
Fun at McDonald's
All 6 of the Grandkids piled into Pop and Grandma's jacuzzi tub and had a blast.

Then Kade helped scoop up icecream for our family home evening treat.
We all had a blast being together again. Love you guys to the moon and back!!!


  1. TEE HEE HEE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE pic of Kade in the back of the truck by himself in his red coat and mittens. He is so photogenic! Wasn't that SO fun! We are rockin awesome aunties! And remember how hilarious it was when Justin got in the truck and Maggie FREAKED OUT! HAHAHA! Man I die just thinking about it. ANd man it was COLD too! That was SO FUN!

  2. I do not get enough credit for giving those kids gmas tub. then WITH BUBBLES! I was soaked afterwards! :o) I LOVE that pic of briggs licking the spatula, too cute! And it was so funny when Maggers fell asleep - and she was still scowling! HAHAH! I love our fam!

  3. Did I mention you are one FOXY lady! you look awesome!