Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kuoting Kade!

Lately Kade has been saying some of the sweetest/cute things. Some tug at my heart, while others make me squeeze him and/or cry.

While Kade and I were in Colorado in the end of January, visiting Tiffany and her three beautiful babies. Kade, Maggie, Briggs, and Michael were all in the tub taking a bath while Tiff and I supervised them. Kade got a toy watter pot that was one of the the tub toys, filled it with water, stood up and poured it over Maggies head. I quickly intervened and "tried" to get him to stop. I thought Maggie was going to scream but she laughed and loved it. Kade proceeded to say "But Mommy, I am just watering Maggie to make her grow." Tiff and I just about died laughing.

A few weeks ago Kade asked me why baby Liam was with Dara and not us. I gave him the condensed children's version without many details. I replied that Liam and Azlyn both needed a Mommy and a Daddy, and I could only give them a mommy. He then said that he really needed a Daddy, and asked when he would get one.

A few days ago Kade out of the blue said "Mommy, one day I am going to be a great Daddy. Then I can be a a Daddy for Liam." It was so sweet. I had to tell him that he can always love his siblings, and that he will be an amazing Daddy one day, just not to Liam or Azlyn. He can be the best big brother to them though. That made him happy. Now it constantly says "I can't wait to be a great Daddy and also have a nice Daddy.

On Monday (Feb. 7th) I went to FHE with my friend Chelsey, and her wonderful mother Holly watched Kade so I could go. I just love their family. Anyways while he was with Holly they watched the Incredibles. At the part where Mr. and Mrs. Incredible get married, Kade asked "Are they getting married in a church?" Holly replied yes. He then stated "That's not good right? They should be getting married in the Temple."

And the one that made me cry....

Kade out of no where came up and sat on my lap. He started talking about babies, and said when any of our families have a baby they go to Merri's so she can raise them. Wow! Break my heart. I thought/hoped that he would be to young to remember staying with any one other than me while I got my life back on track.


  1. Oh Katie, some of those tug at my heart too! Just stay committed to the track that you are on and you'll have the best chance of giving Kade that wonderful Daddy :) You are doing a great job.

  2. He is so insightful, sweet, innocent and is such a blessing in your life.