Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kouldn't Love You More If I Tried

This morning I went in to our medical office at Cochise Eye & Laser for some training, and after that I came home put Kade down for a nap and I went to Tucson to see Dara, Azlyn, and Liam. I have not seen them since Thanksgiving morning, so i couldn't wait to get there this afternoon.
Talking and getting to visit with Dara and her family is always so much fun. I have gotten to love all of them. I got to play with Azlyn (2) and Liam (4 months). He has gotten so big, I could hardly believe it. Getting to visit with Dara and love on her little ones is always much needed and loved. I am so glad Dara and Jim share them with me, and that I get to be a part of their lives.
Liam you are just perfect
Azlyn was so stinking adorable as always. Her aunt and uncle got the cutest little boxer puppy named Kempton (Kemp for short), and Azlyn loved playing with him.
Cute little Liam all bundles up outside
I just love you Liam, you have the cutest face.
Dara getting Liam ready to rinse off in the sink. I love his rolls.

Bath time in the sink. This kid has some killer rolls.
All clean and ready to unwind for bed time.
Dara helped Azlyn hold Kemp
What a big girl
Azlyn honestly had more energy then Kemp. She loved running with him and getting Kemp to chase her. I have never met a child that could outrun a puppy and get him to pass out tired with her still wanting to play and keep going. It was so adorable, if Kemp did not follow her she would say Kemk, She needs you. I love hearing her speak about herself in the third person lol.

Azlyn came up to me right before bed a snuggled for a little bit. It made my night.
I cant get enough of these two. Too bad Kade was sick. He loves getting to see Dara and his baby brother and sister. He talks about them all the time and always prays for their whole family.

Dara and I don't always get to pose just the two of us. So glad we got a picture with each other. She has become my best friend, and love getting to look up to her. I learn so much from her all the time.
I love you all more than words could explain, and Dara your friendship and kind words mean the world to me.
Can't wait to see you all in a few months, this time in the Temple and all together. Thanks for letting me come up and visit.


  1. We loved getting to see you except we didn't get any card playing time! :) Being in the temple with you is going to be amazing! You got some fabulous pictures of kids that I may have to steal! :) We love you and can't imagine our lives without you in it!

  2. Liam is such a handsome little man!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your fun visit. Adorable puppy too :)