Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kake & Kandles: Pop's Diva Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad
I am so glad I have you to look up to.
Today has been quite the day. It is my first full day of living down in Sierra Vista, and my Dad's Birthday. I am so glad I could be here for it.
The morning started out, with me going into my parents room (my Dad was already at work), I walked into their bathroom, and this is what I saw.....
Notice you can't really read it... It was already near impossible to read once Kade got to it and added his hand prints lol. In the middle of the night my Mom had an Ambien moment. She apparently went into the bathroom and used my dad's shaving gel and wrote "Boy Happy Day". One it doesn't really make any sence, and two she did not remember doing it. So in the morning my Dad saw it (could not read it at all) and asked my mom what had happened. She told him she had no idea and said that I must have done it. LOL, my Mom blamed me for this. We all had a good laugh, and then I set my Dad strait.
Merri, Rylee, and Ryan came down from Gilbert this morning also. They got Pop balloons and I made a batch of German Chocolate Bars (they are to die for). We met him at his work to surprise him, and he spotted us outside before we could even make it inside to surprise him.
When Pop got home from work we all enjoyed a wonderful ham loaf and twice baked potatoes. My Mom picked up everything at the store around midnight. Anyway, then we all sang Happy Birthday to Pop...
...and enjoyed his german chocolate cake. We pulled out Pop's favorite ice cream that Mom had picked up late last night. Blue Bell' Pecan Praline's and Cream, well at least that is what is should have been. It's the only ice cream he considers good enough to eat. Pop saw it and said "this is cookies and cream. I don't want any of that." So my Mom quickly jumped in and said "oh, do you really want Praline's and Cream that badly? We can send Katie to the store to pick some up." Thanks Mom, not like it's 9:30 at night or anything. lol. love ya. So I said I would run into town to get some. I asked Merri to come also so she could drop me off and pick me up at the door. I am having a hard time adjusting to the turtle slow speed limit down here. I loved it in the valley 75mph, 65mph etc...
Into town we went in search of Pop's Ice cream. As we took off, Merri stated that Dad was such a Diva, and that he was the only of the member of the family that would really want us to run into town just to get new ice cream. I about died laughing. My Daddy the Diva. Anyways we get to Fry's and I run in, No Praline's and Cream. Ahhhhhhhhhh. We can't go home empty handed. I jump back in the car and Merri drives me to Wal*Mart, again I run in, and no Praline's and Cream. I call my Dad while I am still in the store and asked for Safeways number to call and see if they have any. I again hopped back into the car and we went to Safeways. They did not answer the phone until we pulled in the parking lot on the other side of town. This was store 3 they better have it, because it's the last store to hit. I went in..... and SUCCESS. They had it. We went home victorious. Hope you enjoyed it Pop you are well worth it. Love you and hope you had a great day.

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  1. Oh the things we do for the people we love! :) What a great birthday for him! Love your mom's ambien moment!