Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kade's Ear Update

This morning Kade and I went back to the ENT Dr. Gonzalez to re-check his ear. Before the appointment, we were taking into a sound room to do a hearing test on Kade. Before they started the test, they took "pictures" (blew air into his ear to see how his ear drums were functioning and moving air) of his ears. His left one was in normal range, and his right one was off the charts, which I was oblivious to what that meant. The lady said she would be right back because she needed to go consult with the Doctor. Way to get me all stressed out and worried. She came back and said the Doctor needed to see us right away and that it was not a good idea to do the hearing test at this time. Seriously, what else can go wrong with my poor baby?
We went back and met with Dr. Gonzalez. He again looked in Kade's ear as I began asking him numerous questions. He said it looks a great deal better than it did, the majority of the granulated tissue was gone, and the swelling had gone down tremendously. He said their was still some residual tissue, and the tube was still stuck in his ear (not functioning). He told me that the tests meant most likely that he had a whole in his ear drum, and proceeded to tell me that with young children sometimes it can repair itself, and other times you need surgery to repair it. He gave us more of the same drops, and told us to use them every day in his right ear, and come back on February 18th, to see if it would loosen up the stuff in his ear so he could safely remove his tube, and get a better look at his ear drum (the lower portion of it was not visible).
Dr. Gonzalez also told me to pay better attention to his breathing patterns as he sleeps. Kade snores which I guess is not typical for children his age, plus he has abnormally enlarged tonsils (which is possibly why he got scarlet fever and strep throat 3 times within a six month period). He told me to pay close attention to if he pauses breathing or struggles at all to regain his breath as he sleeps, (he may possibly have sleep apnea). Kade may also need his adenoids and or possibly his tonsils removed also. Man his list of possible surgery's sure is growing long.

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  1. Such stressful stuff to deal with, but Kade is happy and strong so he will get through all of this!