Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kourt Can Kiss This Face Goodbye For Good

Today is a BIG deal!!!
Let me start out with my phone call yesterday. Back at the beginning of February I got a call from Cochise Eye and Laser, they wanted to interview me because they really liked my resume. I drove down to Sierra Vista for the interview. I was kinda bummed that I did not get the job since after my interview they said that they really liked me. Anyways I went back to the valley and that was that. Yesterday out of the blue I get a call it was Cochise Eye and Laser. They wanted to see me for a second interview Thursday morning (a day and a half away). I was thrilled, and the timing could not have been more perfect seeing as how I have court today about Kade. So I planned on moving down to Sierra Vista today after court assuming that it went my way.
Court was in the afternoon. I was nervous but I knew I was doing great, and really could not be doing any more than I was now. The case got dismissed! I am so happy and proud of myself. They will never see me again, and Kade and I are together forever. Love ya little buddy. I ran back to Natalie and Justin's house where we were living and packed all my stuff with my mom in my truck and her car.
What a relief to finally be done with this battle after working on it for over a year and a half. Sierra Vista here I come. Wish me luck with my interview!

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  1. What a huge relief! All your hard work paid off!