Monday, October 25, 2010

Kasting Kall: Liam's Big Break Into Stardom

Here is the Casting Call and the link to the website.

I am currently looking for talent to be in my next collection. This shoot will be for a Christmas Concert Collection...on the Birth and Life of Christ...So manger scene to the Garden of Gethsemane and the Crucifixion.

I am looking for:

NEW BORN for the role of BABY JESUS

Needs to be around 1 week to 3 weeks old...for when we do the shoot on Friday Nov. 5th. The NEWER the better:)

medium brown to dark brown hair...or bald:) works too

So today Dara and I took Liam into the Trotter Gallery (located inside of Poppy's on Power and Southern) to meet with Hellen Robson. She is the gifted photographer responsible for the amazing work in the above link. She looked Liam over and has chosen him to be the Baby Jesus for her photo shoot. Dara and I could not be more pleased or proud of our handsome little Liam. This is such an amazing opportunity. Both Dara and I will receive a signed print from the shoot to cherish forever. I can't wait to see our perfect little angel wrapped up in swaddling clothes laying in a manger.

A special thanks goes to Merri for finding out about the photo shoot, and to Tamy for setting it all up. Oh yeah... and to Liam for being so stinking cute!


  1. He really is stinking cute! You do good work :)

  2. Liam is so stinkin cute! I can't wait to see him as Baby Jesus! You and Dara must be so proud! Love you!

  3. Yay, for Liam! I'm so glad Helen chose him. Can't wait to see the prints. I'm going to have to get me a print of it too.:)

  4. God bless you Katie!!! Liam is such a precious boy.

  5. Helen Robson does an amazing job--she is a true artist. How cool that Liam was cast!

  6. he's adorable!!! Congrats to ALL of you- You are such an amazing BIrth parent and parent!!!