Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kount down to Liam coming.

Anyone who has known me for any amount of time is quite surprised that baby Liam is not here yet. My due date is not until November 5th true, but I have been visiting triage with pre-term labor now since I was 23 weeks pregnant. Kade was born 2 months early, and Azlyn was 1 month early. I was on strict bed rest from 24 weeks on with her due to pre-term labor. So now that it is safe for Liam to come, he is showing little interest in doing so. I still contract, but they are not changing me the way we all had hoped.

Dara came down last weekend to make sure and be here for Liam's birth, and we all thought he would be here by now. Tomorrow we have another doctor's appointment, we are hoping for BIG change. Heck I would be happy with any change from 3cm 70% and him being a minus 1.
Every day Dara, Azlyn, Merri, Ryan, Rylee, Kade, and myself get together to pass the time, as we wait for little Liam. I am loving all the time with Dara and Azlyn, and watching Azlyn and Kade play together is so much fun! They are so sweet together. However poor Jim is back home missing his family who is all here with me. Sorry Jim! I guess Liam has his own idea as when to come.
Here are some pictures of our week together so far.
Kade and Azlyn
Azlyn is so sweet, she leads Kade around by the hand.
Dara, Azlyn, Kade, and myself at my Graduation!
Kade at McDonald's Toddler Zone
Azlyn at McDonald's Toddler Zone.
Rylee, Azlyn, Me, Kade, and Ryan in the Jacuzzi at Merri's house. We had a blast having a water and sand play day.
Kade and Azlyn in the police car.
Freestone Park on the bridge
Kade pushing Azlyn on the swings.

Playing catch at the park.
Holding hands

How cute are they!?!

Kade being pushed on the swings by Azlyn's Aunt Jenna.

Liam we can't wait to meet you!!!


  1. Hang in there! Can't wait to her about Liam's entrance into the world.

  2. at least you are partying while you wait. My friend had her's early and her couple was already in CA and had to head back about 14 hours after landing in LA- funny- babies seem to pick their own birthdays- if we let them! Hang in there!

  3. Oh that was a fun week...I wouldn't have traded being here for the world!