Friday, October 1, 2010

Karried By Angel's! A Tribute To Birth Mothers.

The other night at my birthmother group, an adoptive couple came and shared their wonderful story with all of us. At the end of the night they gave all of us birthmothers a beautiful poem that a friend had written to their birthmother. I am so grateful that they shared it with us, it touched my heart, as I am sure it will touch yours.

An Angel's Love

There once was an angel with soft flowing hair,
A smile like the sunlight and skin smooth and fair.
Her Father had given her wings of pure gold
For a mission He planned that she knew was foretold.
A job that was difficult she felt from the start,
Yet she knew she could do it because of her heart.
The day finally came; she was called to His side.
He told her the plan and said He'd be her guide.
The mission: a child she was to carry to earth,
A spirit her Father promised was of great worth.
He kissed the baby goodbye and said, "You've nothing to fear."
Then handed the angel this one he held dear.
The baby she cradled in her arms with such care.
A deep love developed that was really quite rare.
The angel sang melodies sweet to the ear
And shared beautiful stories to calm the babe's tears.
Just as the Lord promised, she was led to the door
Of the babe's eternal family she had searched so long for.
The moment soon arrived when she knew they must part.
Then she whispered to the child, "You'll always be in my heart."
On the babe's forehead a gentle kiss she did place,
And a calm heavenly smile creped across the child's face.
The angel returned to her Father who held her so tight;
He blessed her and thanked her for doing what was right.
So you see little one just how special you are
For you were the one that she carried so far.
Your first mother, an angel, who said, "Yes I Can!"
When asked by her Father to follow His plan. So tonight before
bed, as you kneel down to pray,
Remember to thank Him for each beautiful day.
Thank Him for all those that love you so much,
And especially for the angel who first knew your touch.


  1. I'm so sorry I missed it! This is an awesome poem! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. what a fabulous poem! Thanks for putting it on your blog- I'm linking it to mine! ANd your blog as well!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really have to stop reading your blog at work because it usually ends up in tears! :) This poem is priceless and I am going to put it up on my blog if that's okay! I love you Katie and am so happy that you are my children's angel!

  4. I love you Katie! Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem-next time don't read it to me in the car while I'm driving!

  5. Thats such a sweet poem, I couldn't even begin to Imagine the feelings of giving up a child, but all the many blessings that you will recieve will indescribable.

  6. Hi Katie I just found your blog through Jill's blog. I'm a birthmom too, I placed in July 2010. I read this poem and cried...these days it's still hard to make peace with everything and figure out what direction my life is supposed to go. This poem helped me get some perspective. Thanks :)