Monday, September 27, 2010

Krushed!!! Kade's 2nd E.R. visit in the same week!

It was like any other Monday... Kade was playing with his cousins Ryan and Rylee. He went outside and I called after him to close the sliding glass door. Immediately following Kade began crying hysterically. Merri and I jumped off the couch and rushed to his side. His right ring finger had been krushed and was bleeding. Merri scooped him up rushed him to the sink and started rinsing his finger under water while I held him and attempted to comfort the sweet little injured guy. After getting the bleeding to stop we all piled in the car and went to the same E.R. Kade had been in last Tuesday.

We first took x-rays. While waiting for the results of the x-rays, we were sitting in the hall with numerous other patients, the hospital staff did not have enough rooms for all of us. Sweet social little Kade kept going up to all of the patients showing them his hurt finger, and telling them the entire story and that it was broken. When the Doctor finally approached us and gave us the wonderful news that there were no broken bones! Then for the bad news... He told us he was going to have to give Kade a shot to numb his finger and remove his nail to examine the nail bed. Once completing that he would clean it and see if anything else needed to be done to repair the nail bed. Upon hearing the word Shot coupled together with his name, he broke down and began sobbing again. "NO! Please, I do not want a shot", he kept saying. They got us into a room (the same lucky number 13 we were in on Tuesday), and wrapped Kade tightly up in a sheet like a mummy leaving the injured hand and arm out so they could numb up his finger. He was screaming and shaking, frightened to death, and unhappy that he was being restrained. I stood by his head and once again tried to comfort him. It took two grown men besides the Doctor and myself to restrain him, and they had to jab him 10 times with the needle to numb it all the way.

After the traumatising shot, Kade was exhausted and fell asleep within minutes of the Doctor leaving the room to give the shot time to numb his hand completely. This was an answer to prayers, because I did not know how he or I was going to be able to endure watching them rip his little nail out.

Thirty minutes later the doctor returned with two other medical staff and they stood him up asleep and re wrapped him up in the sheet. They tried to wake him up but had no luck in doing so, and i asked them to try and do it while he slept. They all three looked at me like I was nuts and replied that no one would sleep through it. He was completely limp when they stood him up so it took everyone to hold him up and wrap him in case he woke up during the procedure.

Once the doctor was ready to begin I held sleeping Kade and put my head to his head (I could not watch). They removed his nail and cleaned it all up. Once it was clean the Doctor saw that he needed to stitch it up. Kade slept through it all (proving that Doctor's don't always know best! Sometimes moms know a little bit.). When we were all done, we got discharged and I carried my sleeping angel stitched up finger and all to the car.


  1. Oh Poor Kade! I am so glad he slept through the worst of it! What a trooper!

  2. Yes, That was a FUN day! :( Poor Kade! He was so brave!

  3. Poor kid, that is so traumatic! How very lucky for both of you that he slept through the procedure.

  4. How sad, I hope he is doing better!