Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kold White Stuff?: Kade's 1st time seeing snow

My parents, Kade and I left Sierra Vista for Colorado on Wednesday the 22nd so that we could stop overnight in New Mexico and split the trip into 2 days to make it there in time for Christmas Eve.

Kade made it the entire drive without taking a nap, but at the very end he finally gave in and fell asleep.

Thursday morning we got up and headed the rest of the way there.

Kade has never seen snow before, so I snapped a picture out the window of our first snow sighting. See the little patches of white everywhere!!! =)
Kade looking out the window for snow

He was so excited to see the pretty white stuff.

We stopped in N.M. at Wendy's for lunch, and Kade got to play in some snow for the first time!!!

Gotta love this KOLD white stuff

Pop did an AWESOME job at packing the Cadi. Way to go Pop. Without you none of our presents, clothes, or makeup would have made it to Colorado.

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