Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kids' Chorale: Kade's 1st Concert

Tonight was the Kids' Chorale Christmas Concert.
Every Friday Kade, Ryan, and Rylee went to music class. They LOVE their music class! They learned the cutest song called Gingerbread Cookies, which is the one they performed for us.
Merri went back stage with the kids while I saved us front row seats to take killer pictures, and of course have the best seats in town.
Kade, Rylee, and Ryan backstage right before they came out on stage.
Kade's cute picture pose backstage
Here is their entire group onstage performing there one hit wonder Gingerbread Cookies.
Ryan was so cute, he hid behind his gingerbread that he had made. Good job getting up there buddy!
Rylee was just as adorable as always
...and Kade acted like performing was what he did every day. He was a natural. He got up on stage and literally just grabbed the microphone and started singing.
Great performance guys!!!


  1. How cute this seriously must have been! Such a little performer Kade is!

  2. Yeppers, he has got some talent! Ry is so funny, I am shocked that he is the SHY ONE?! GO KADERS!! I can't get over his infectious smile! I ADORE HIM! Gingerbread cookies, YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! In my little TUM TUM!