Friday, December 31, 2010

Kabooooom: New Year's Fireworks

Arizona finally legalized Fireworks. (Actually they are only legalized on the 4th July, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.)
No more setting them off in the church parking lot for the 4th of July and getting chased by cops! LOL.

This New Year's Eve was an enormous change for me. Instead of spending it going out or doing something with a big group, I spent it at my parents with Kade. No Plans, No Hassle, No Drama, No Parties, No Dances. Just Kade, My parents, and some Fireworks. Perfect and simple!

At first Kade was a little apprehensive of the sparklers, but then he loved them. Here he is reaching out for more.

After sparklers we did snakes. Those were one of my favorites as a little girl. It was soooo cute, Kade told me to wear good shoes outside so the snakes would not bite me. I don't think he realized they were not real snakes. Then my Dad lit the grand finale. It shot up all different colors and made loud noises. So much fun.

Here is kade hiding from the loud noise. He hid behind me.

Then when we were all done with the fireworks he had a little melt down. He wanted to do more. So here are the waterworks. Love you buddy, and sorry sometimes we have to sleep. I was blogging at midnight, and was alone in my parents room, and at midnight I screamed "Happy New Year", I hope I never grow all the way up=) It is too much fun having a personality.

Happy New Year!

All I can say is bring it on!!!

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