Friday, December 10, 2010

Kristmas Tree Lighting @ Scottsdale's Train Park

Tonight we took the kids to Scottsdale's McCormick Train Park. It was their annual tree lighting celebration and holiday train ride. There we met up with some of my sister's friends the Millers.
Kade, Ryan, Rylee, Audrey, and Juliette

Group hug

Ryan and Kade
Kade as a gingerbread man
Koutz, Regimballe's, and Miller's
Kade and I in front of the enormous tree
While the men stood in line for our train ride the mom's took all the little one's around to pose with all of the character's

Kade and I on the train. At the beginning of the train ride I answered a trivia question and won a little bear for Kade.
Do you know Scrooge's first name???
Inside the tunnel on the train ride.
Tonight was a blast! The kids enjoyed it as much as the adults!