Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kutest Little Girl I Know Turns 2

Two years ago today at this exact time (2:47 P.M.), I delivered a beautiful baby girl. Azlyn Kate, weighing 7lbs 3oz. She was perfect. And it was an amazing experience. I knew that I was going to get to be her mother for only a short little time, and I did not want to miss a thing. Not a yawn, a cry, or even a hiccup. I stayed awake for 7 days straight, unable to even sleep for a minute. These few days in the hospital when she was mine was my time to bond with her, to hold her and explain the reasons I am sure she already knew about why I decided to place her with Dara and Jim.
Azlyn was mine for 13 days until January 28th when I signed the adoption paperwork to relinquish my rights and place her in the arms of her new loving family.

She was loved and always wanted, by my family and her own. She brought two families together by agreeing to come here to earth. She had faith enough in me while in heaven to get her here and find her parents. Azlyn knew as did I how difficult this would all be, but she trusted I would do the right thing. She knew that her parents and I would cross paths on earth because of her, and become friends and basically family like we were in heaven. What a brave little girl to have all that faith.

Here we all are at the Relinquishment Party.

I love getting to watch this little miracle grow. I love our visits, the pictures I receive, and adore her parents. Azlyn has the sweetest most happy disposition. She loves life, and is happy in the life she was meant to be a part of. She has a Wonderful older brother Kade, and the cutest little brother Liam.

Azlyn is growing big so fast. Here she is when she was born...

Her First Birthday...

And now her 2nd birthday.

Azlyn I know will grow up healthy, happy, and secure. You are surrounded by love. Adoption just means you have twice the people to love you.

I am eternally grateful to her parents, for allowing me to be in all of their lives. I have no regrets about my choice in placing her. The hole in my heart that was left causing me so much pain was filled each time I saw the twinkle in her eyes while with her parents. Also by bettering myself, and instead of wallowing is self pity, allowing myself to progress and move forward.

You have changed my life Azlyn. You taught me so much about love and sacrifice, and I would not be who I am today if you were not still a part of life. I love you so much, and pray for you and your family daily. As does your big brother Kade. I know you made it to where you belong, and am grateful I still have the great opportunity to love you and watch you grow.

Have a wonderful Birthday Azlyn. I can't wait to see the amazing thing you will do in your life, but for now... Enjoy being 2!

Happy Birthday

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