Friday, January 28, 2011

Kanceled Meetings, 16 in. Snow, & Distant Memories

This week my Dad went to New Jersey on business (mainly for an important meeting). A huge snow storm hit leaving 16 in. of snow on the ground, thus causing the meeting to be canceled. My Dad had to dig his car out of the snow to get into it. He decided to drive to Cherry Hill which was near where he was, and is where we lived when I was little. He snapped a picture to send all of us. It is so neat seeing places from my childhood. At least something good came from my Dad flying to New Jersey.

My parents just informed me that this is the house that I got my head stuck in the banister=) I have always been mischievous LOL!

Also this is where I sprayed Natalie with the hose when she was doing her cute little poses outside, and she had a meltdown. (It's on our family video)


  1. Blast from the past!! Sad the squirrel/bird tree is gone though!