Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kloseness: Kade & Momma

I just have to blog about this because it is so sweet, and so Kade!
Kade and I do just about everything together. We have since he was born, we are best of buds! If I walk away from him and leave him to watch t.v., within minutes I hear him get up and shout "momma, where are you?", until he finds me. I love it most of the time, but it sometimes can make getting anything done difficult.
Today, I laid him down for his nap just as I always do. I had every intention of going in and taking a nap myself, but ended up getting preoccupied on Facebook. I got up to go check on Kade, and this is what I found...
He was fast asleep in my parent's room on the floor next to their bed. (This is not the first time he has done this, just to be near me. Last time however it was on a tile floor in our hallway of our old house in Mesa.) I just love this little guy. I guess he just wanted to be near me for his nap while I was on the computer. He was as quiet as a mouse, I never heard him or saw him. What a sneaky little monkey! Love you Kade, and I can't imagine my world without you.