Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kreepy at 10,000 feet

While packing to go visit their family member Posey in Georgia... I was joking around with Rhett. Rhett is Tamy and Tom's son who is preparing to go on his mission (he should be receiving his call any day now). Rhett is not too keen on flying and this time was to be no exception, it being so close to September 11th and all. After we had talked for a few minutes I cracked a little joke that with his luck he would be seated next to a terrorist. He got a serious look on his face and proceeded to tell me that he would take them down with a fight.

Upon returning to Arizona Tamy had told me that poor Rhett was looking out the window of their plane and made a nervous comment about how he could see lightning and just wanted to close the window shade. She also informed me after I told her of the little crack I had made at Rhett about the terrorist, that it had actually happened. Rhett who was already nervous to be 10,000 ft. up in the air had been seated next to a man who spoke only fluent Arabic. (I wish I had a picture, but I am sure that taking one was the last thing on his mind.) He actually said to the man "Just don't do it!", and that he would put up a fight if he tried anything. Good old Rhett!!! Sorry I jinxed ya. Anyways they had a wonderful trip and made it home safely.

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  1. I can't believe he had the guts to say that...good for him! Glad they made it home safe and sound!