Monday, September 20, 2010

Kwick trip to the E.R.

Kade was complaining of a sore throat and was loosing his little voice, and we were extremely short on time. However I did not want to ignore his symptoms for any length of time because a few months ago the poor little guy manifested the same symptoms and had Scarlet Fever.

I did not have time to make a doctor's appointment, so we went to the wonderful Gilbert Hospital which guarantees a wait time under 15 minutes. WOW, an E.R. wait under 15 minutes. Everyone has enough time for that. So off we went.

Upon getting to the hospital and checking in, we were escorted back to a room immediately with a doctor, nurse and a tech. Talk about great service. No wait what so ever. Kade was a champ, having to take a strep test (which was negative), and rectal temperature. Poor little guy. He had the best attitude and all the hospital staff loved him. They brought him a purple popsicle, gloves, and a tongue depressor.

We left the hospital happy. With no long waits and no horrible disease. The Doctor said he had a virus that was just beginning and that it's not strep as of yet anyways. Yeah! Thank heavens for nice Doctor's, kwick hospitals, and grape popsicles!


  1. He looks so HAPPY to be in the ER! Glad it was a good visit and that he's feeling better now. Love you!

  2. Way to go Kade! Why can't my kids be like that at the doctor?