Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kalming Reassurances

Have you ever heard the name Liam before? Well up until a few months ago I hadn't. However when Dara and Azlyn came down for a visit and I asked if her and Jim were ready to add another member to their family... This time a baby boy. She told me the name they had chosen for him would be Liam. I instantly loved it just as I had Azlyn's name upon hearing it.

Okay so just as when I was pregnant with Azlyn, I am receiving many "signs" or calming little messages here and there that bring me peace as well as reassurance that Azlyn and now Liam are going to be with the family they were meant to be a part of all along. I am so grateful for all the components that have fit together to bring me peace and put a smile on my face when I am sometimes struggling to be happy about things.

I guess the first "sign" I received was the same day I heard their name choice, Liam James. How perfect that the day before I had named him myself and fell upon Linken John. He is still going to be LJ. I absolutely love it.

Second, I have been reading Breaking Dawn. The last book in the Twilight Saga. As I was reading the other night before bed, what name should be mentioned? None other than Liam (which is mentioned only once in the entire book). Correct spelling and all. I was dumbfounded. I immediately text Dara and asked her if she had heard it from the book, but she had not and looked it up herself as well. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, once again reassuring me that baby Liam is meant to be.

And finally, tonight I was watching the show Person's Unknown. One That my sister Merri and her husband Richard turned me onto. A new butler was on the show tonight, and when his name was uttered Liam, I jumped up, grabbed my phone to once again text this to Dara as well as my entire family to tell them the fascinating news. Maybe I am easily amused and/or comforted, but to me this was HUGE!!! Anyways... Dara text me back and then pointed out that Butler was her maiden name as well. "Signs" truly are everywhere.


  1. Oh my gosh Katie...I just love your posts. Maybe I am a little biased because they involve me, but seriously to see you express your thoughts and feelings through this blog is amazing! When I read your words I love and appreciate you even more. So happy you are doing this! And like I told you we wouldn't do this any other way than with "signs being everywhere!" :)

  2. I just came across your blog. I had to leave a comment because our son is named Liam (we adopted him in October.) I think it's a great name, too. :)

  3. I love the name Liam, and I love your blog spots good girl