Friday, March 25, 2011

Komical: Roger's Birthday/Dance Party

Roger, Tiffany and their three munchkins came down from Colorado Springs to be with me as I went through the Temple for the first time. Well lucky for us we also get to celebrate Roger's birthday with him. We ate Strawberry Short-Cake, surprised him with a Kindle, and then all played Just Dance on the Wii.
Rylee, Ryan, Maggie, Roger, Brigham, Kade, and Michael.
Maggie and Briggs were both smiling as we sang Happy Birthday to Roger, because they had just celebrated their Birthday's, and thought we were singing to them again. Isn't that so cute!!! Look at the grins on their faces. I just love it.
Trying to keep all of the kids happy watching a movie.

I think Roger may be bluffing from this spicy card from Tiffany.
Rogers Kindle. I think Tiffany actually surprised him this time.
These next few pictures are going to make you ROFL! Ha ha look at these two manly men doing Michael Jackson's Thriller on Just Dance for the Wii. LOL This is a night I will never forget. Thanks guys for the comical relief.
Tiffany ROCKED it of course, so it was not fun playing against her because she put us all to shame.
...Roger held his own, and my Dad, well he just looked cute.
I love how all 3 are doing something different
I think this one is my favorite
...or is it this one... LOL, anyways, we need to do this again.
Little Michael joined in too, he was awesome!
Guess the score that goes to each player...
Red: Roger
Green: Dad (snicker)
Purple: Tiffany of course
Natalie, me, and Tiffany. 
Don't laugh I already know I can't dance.
Actually, I must admit in all of these pictures it looks like all 3 of us are doing the same thing. Us Thornburg Girls are Unstoppable.

Little Kade started busting a move on the couch. I love you Kademan.
Shake it Kade!
Tonight was a blast. Hope we can all come together again soon.

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