Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kade's First Package: Kolorado Snow

Today Kade got his very first package in the mail. Aunt Tiffany and the kids sent Kade some Colorado snow. It is an amazing little white tube filled with white powder. You pour a tiny little cap full out and add a small amount of water and it grows 100 times its normal size into snow. It is amazing even for me. Thanks Tiffany and family...
Kade and the rest of us standing around the island watching the snow grow.
this was only 2 little cap fulls
...watching it grow some more...
Aunt Tiff gave Kade a great idea... to pour it out on a cookie sheet and drive his cars through it. Kade kept saying he was just like Pop when he was in New Jersey and had his car buried under the snow and had to dig it out. So Kade would cover his cars with snow and then dig them out.
Thanks Aunt Tiff for loads of fun, and sending a little piece of Colorado our way.

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