Friday, December 31, 2010

Kabooooom: New Year's Fireworks

Arizona finally legalized Fireworks. (Actually they are only legalized on the 4th July, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.)
No more setting them off in the church parking lot for the 4th of July and getting chased by cops! LOL.

This New Year's Eve was an enormous change for me. Instead of spending it going out or doing something with a big group, I spent it at my parents with Kade. No Plans, No Hassle, No Drama, No Parties, No Dances. Just Kade, My parents, and some Fireworks. Perfect and simple!

At first Kade was a little apprehensive of the sparklers, but then he loved them. Here he is reaching out for more.

After sparklers we did snakes. Those were one of my favorites as a little girl. It was soooo cute, Kade told me to wear good shoes outside so the snakes would not bite me. I don't think he realized they were not real snakes. Then my Dad lit the grand finale. It shot up all different colors and made loud noises. So much fun.

Here is kade hiding from the loud noise. He hid behind me.

Then when we were all done with the fireworks he had a little melt down. He wanted to do more. So here are the waterworks. Love you buddy, and sorry sometimes we have to sleep. I was blogging at midnight, and was alone in my parents room, and at midnight I screamed "Happy New Year", I hope I never grow all the way up=) It is too much fun having a personality.

Happy New Year!

All I can say is bring it on!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kousins in Kolorado

Today after going to my sister's ward in Colorado Springs, my cousins came over. They live in Denver, and I have not seen them since I was a kid. It was so great to see them all again. We spent a few hours just catching up, visiting, laughing, and playing with the kids. I love spending time with family!

Patrick, Donny, Molly, and Susan Freeman

Patrick and Molly were so good with all of the kids (which are there 3rd cousins I believe, since they are my 2nd, and their parents are my first.), and Kade just loved them.

Patrick and Molly letting Kade show off all his favorite new Christmas gifts. This laser top was a huge hit!
My cousin Donny holding Kade who is holding his jumping beans (mighty beans as he calls them)
Molly was amazing with all of them, and Maggie who will hardly go to anyone gravitated to her.

Love you all, and so glad you took the time to come see us while we were at Tiffany's house. We missed seeing Nick, and Emily, but will have to next time.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kristmas 2010

My phone rang at 7:04 a.m., it was Roger telling me the kids were up and getting ready to come down the stairs to see what Santa had brought. I hurried up from the basement with my camera, just as Kade came around the corner. His eyes lit up when he saw the stockings all filled and sitting on the couch. He was the first to make it to his stocking. His face says it all. I love seeing him so happy!
We started the morning off by doing stockings... all the kids dumped them out to see what all they got.
Kade was super excited about his candy Santa's
...his glow sticks
...and all his favorite stocking treats and toys he gathered up to cary off
Maggie enjoyed playing with her harmonica ...and then the boys had a blast playing with their growing creatures. You put a capsule in water and watch it grow into a sponge sea critter or circus life.
Then we all ate cinnamon rolls and our traditional egg sausage casserole for breakfast, before moving on to presents.
Michael and Kade played in the sled from my parents
Kade's top 3 gifts were...
1. His dragon Pillow Pet. It's a pillow and a pet lol
2. His garbage truck (when he could get it away from Briggs lol)
3. His laser top. You press the top button and it spins lights up and plays music. It even projects lights onto the ground.
They all enjoyed the top
They also all enjoyed Maggie's awesome ball pit. You throw balls up top and they spiral down into the pit. so fun!!! Michael got an awesome Nerf Machine gun that fires 3 rounds a second. Even us adults enjoyed it.
Pop got a beautiful hand painted glass Colorado ornament
Tiffany and Mom
Goofy Roger.

Kade lifting my weights. We can work out together little buddy.
He also got a super fun Real Construction Workshop kit, where he gets to saw, and hammer foam wood and make projects.
Then after all of our fun opening presents, Kade laid on his 2 favorite gifts as we watched Despicable Me.
I would say Christmas was a success!
It was so nice being with family. Colorado is a blast!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Kristmas Eve 2010

Kristmas Eve is always fun, however it is even better celebrating traditions with the ones you love. This year Christmas is being celebrated in Colorado Springs with Tiffany, Roger, and all the kids.

We of course started the evening out with playing games. Here are Brigham, Kade, and Michael.

We then all went outside and sprinkled reindeer food on the ground so that santa and his reindeer would stop at our house and have something to eat. (It's just oatmeal and glitter=))

Here is Kade sprinkling reindeer food

Kade, Briggs, and Michael spreading all their reindeer food. Rudolph is eating well tonight!!!

Maggie had a blast, and emptied her entire bag all by herself with a huge smile on her face.

We then put candles in cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. He is after all the reason we celebrate Christmas, and it is a nice reminder to the children of that!

Kade enjoying his cupcake
We then all sat and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (which is one of Roger's family traditions).
Maggie and Pop made the breakfast caserole
... and then all of the boys got to sleep in the same room together on the boys new bunk beds. They had so much fun "trying" to wait up for Santa in their room. In fact several times, we found them all standing at the window whispering about Santa and when he and his reindeer would arrive. I guess sleep was not a priority tonight!
The stockings were hung with love and care...
...and Tiffany tried out the kids new sleigh. I think we need snow for this one LOL!
Can you spy Tiffany in all of these presents? We put most of the gifts under the tree tonight so the kids would wake up and be surprised at all that "Santa" brought them. This was so much fun.
The finished product!
Merry Kristmas Eve!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kold White Stuff?: Kade's 1st time seeing snow

My parents, Kade and I left Sierra Vista for Colorado on Wednesday the 22nd so that we could stop overnight in New Mexico and split the trip into 2 days to make it there in time for Christmas Eve.

Kade made it the entire drive without taking a nap, but at the very end he finally gave in and fell asleep.

Thursday morning we got up and headed the rest of the way there.

Kade has never seen snow before, so I snapped a picture out the window of our first snow sighting. See the little patches of white everywhere!!! =)
Kade looking out the window for snow

He was so excited to see the pretty white stuff.

We stopped in N.M. at Wendy's for lunch, and Kade got to play in some snow for the first time!!!

Gotta love this KOLD white stuff

Pop did an AWESOME job at packing the Cadi. Way to go Pop. Without you none of our presents, clothes, or makeup would have made it to Colorado.